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The fear of the unknown. Financial strain and the anxiety it fuels. The worry that my vision for the future – and my family’s future – is only a pipe dream…

We don’t believe it is.

At Avatrine Financial, 
we help you build your wealth and protect what you have while you’re building it.

No matter where you find yourself today – no matter what your bottom line, your savings or your lack thereof – we exist to serve you and to help you see your dreams become realities.



We offer full-fledged individualized and familial financial planning and investment services. As fiduciary advisors, this means that we always act in the best interest of our clients: people who are first and foremost human beings worthy of dignity and honest care, and deserving of service that attends to each specific need.



Practically, this means that we begin with you. What is your vision? What are your dreams, how much do they cost, and what can we start doing right now to watch them come to life?

Financial planning includes education and implementation. What is a budget? How can we work together to manage your money in a way that fits within your budget. How can Avatrine Financial – with the help of over two hundred money managers around the nation – offer access to mutual funds, individual securities, stocks, nontraditional investments and any type of investments, you need.


We customize our relationships with each client to eliminate your financial concerns and free your future.


You don’t need excess to move toward freedom – just a plan and someone who believes that you can get there.

We believe in you.


Our Investment business is done in CA, MN, TX, and NM.