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“I want to feel like I’ve made a difference in people’s financial future and their children’s future. I want to take away people’s financial concern.”
-Founder, Kayla Hebb
Avatrine Financial.


At Avatrine Financial, advocacy is our backbone. We attend every DC and congressional state legislature meeting. We sit down with insurance companies – their CEOs and decision makers. We work with medical groups and their patient advocacy boards. We serve as leaders amongst other financial insurance advisors about what it really means to act as fiduciaries to the people who need our help. We seek out every opportunity that we can find to discuss healthcare reform and to pay forward our clients’ stories in an effort to better the system that exists to serve them.

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“My personal motto,” says head broker and founder, Kayla Hebb, “is: ‘Love God’s people.’ My business is very much a ministry.” Avatrine Financial embodies that calling through financial education and implementation, working to improve the quality and delivery of care, and by functioning in such a way as reflects concern and service for all people, everywhere.


We fight impending devastation in people’s lives by connecting them with resources in the community that serve their best interests. We do not believe in account minimums, and we do not work with anyone who does. Whether you live in a mansion or find yourself homeless today, Avatrine Financial exists to serve your needs, honor your humanity, and love you well through the entire process.


High Integrity. High Ethics. Always the client’s best interest.

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