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About Our Company

After being in the health and financial services industry for over 15 years, I noticed a crucial need for professionals to offer their clients sound, well-rounded advice. In the corporate offices where I worked, we were only able to bring our clients specialty knowledge. At Avatrine Financial, we work together with experts in a wide range of financial services. I believe that we can grow together when we work in unison as a community. That is why I partner with businesses that offer a specialty niche—to give my clients the best advice.


When people are in the process of setting up their finances, often times, they will go to many different professionals to get advice. I want the advice to be accessible to everyone. I have figured out how to offer a wide range of expertise on a smaller scale. At Avatrine, we only partner with professionals that do not have a minimum. Our partners all have strong integrity and ethics, and they make it a priority to complete a certain amount of pro bono work each year. We function as a team to make sure that we give our clients the absolute best advice at all times. Nowhere have I seen a business able to provide this service to their clients. As financial advisors, I believe that we are doing a disservice to our clients by not offering the entire scope of choices.


At Avatrine Financial, we are passionate about advocacy. It is important for us to partner with others who understand the impact of advocacy; we partner with professionals who share our passion and are advocates as well. We are part of a diverse network of professionals that not only offer great financial services but also understand how pivotal we can be in molding legislation and the direct impact we have on people’s lives in our community.


Foremost, at Avatrine Financial, we love helping the people of New Mexico create strong financial plans. We pride ourselves on building effective relationships not only with our clients but with our partners as well, enabling us to offer solid, well-rounded advice. There is nothing more important to us than creating a secure foundation for you and your family’s future. We are here to help!

We manage your wealth so that you can live your life. At Avatrine Financial, we take pride in enduring relationships built on honesty, quality advice, strong execution, and follow-through. Every day, we strive to help you live your dreams.


Our goal is to offer a range of financial services and insurance. At Avatrine Financial, we understand that everyone’s economic and life situations are unique; we believe that personalized service is essential when helping our clients take care of present financial needs and plan for the future. We focus on your goals while guiding you through your road to financial security.


Avatrine Financial currently has an office in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but our network spans the entire state. It is our mission to help all residents become insured for life’s unexpected moments and reach their financial security goals.

See What Sets Avatrine Apart From The Rest

  • Insurance (Health and Life)
    • NAIFA-board involvement
    • Advocacy in NM and DC
    • Speaking engagements to promote understanding and bring health, life, and ___ insurance to residents of New Mexico
  • Wealth Management/ Financial Future
    • Some of Byron’s education/certification highlights
    • Products you offer/partnership with TD Ameritrade/NM Brokers

Content Missing

  • Byron – CFM/P
  • Kayla –  Letters that go after your name since you can sell health insurance

info pro bono work and how you utilize your network throughout the state of New Mexico

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– mention stories where you have helped people get ins in the hospital, other things you mobilize your connections to help you address for people in need in ABQ

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